April top 10

2016-05-04 20:05:10 by Brick-Productions

My top picks for the month!!!

Check it out yo!​


Brick Productions March top 10!

Top 5

2016-03-08 00:47:42 by Brick-Productions

Thanks to every one who viewed and voted on our latest sode of Sketchy.

It is thanks to all of you that today we got the 5th place!!


Thank you!

My selections for Feb 2016Check out my top ten selections for February 2016!

A Quick Introduction

2016-02-28 21:02:23 by Brick-Productions

We here at Brick Productions would like all of you here at Newgrounds to welcome us with open arms and praise us as your new overlords.
Those who do not kneel shall be chopped at the knee.

Looking forward to all the positive feedback.
No negative feedback please, we’re both very insecure guys.